Thin Client + Gearco Apps
Optimized front-desk solutions for
cloud systems.

Optimized for cloud deployments with the powerful, highly configurable, and long lifecycle HP Thin Client + Gearco Apps.

Manage your business now and in the future with Windows 10, quad-core processing, dual 4K monitor support, preloaded Gearco Apps, 6 device ports and dual network connectivity.††

Be prepared when disaster strikes! With Asset Recovery and Gearco Support you'll minimize business risks — get up and running within 24 hours of a hardware failure.†††

Thin Client Advantage +

Asset recovery — 30 month next day business replacement plan for Thin Client hardware failure.

System recovery — 30 minute full restore process.

Network recovery — Dual network connectivity → hardwired and wireless.

Video recovery — Dual monitor support with 4k capability.

Interface recovery — Connection ports for Cloud PBXi phone system interface and Cloud Paper ID Capture device interface → 6 USB ports, 1 comport, and comport to USB adapter.

Gearco Advantage +

Deployed as a Gearco SecurePoint device — access point protection that constrains select users to only login from specific devices.

Preloaded with Gearco Apps — Cloud Print, Cloud CC, Cloud Paper ID Capture, Cloud PBXi and more.

Stacked with Live Support — interact remotely with our Gearco Support Team.

Equipped for Gearco Academy — take training courses with Gearco Academy and learn even more!

Gearco Cloud Paper ID Capture

Capture the photo for each adult per room.

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Gearco Cloud CC Credit Card Vault

Protect your customers. Securely stored credit card data that meets PCI compliancy with minimal effort from your staff.

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Gearco Cloud Wifi Control

Take control of your property's WI-FI.

Want to provide customers a better surfing experience?

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